Men's Jeans - Skinny Fit

Men’s skinny jeans have always been a classic style statement, stretching back decades to the heydays of pop fashion and counterculture.

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of skinny fit jeans, which is why we stock a wide range of styles and colours from the world’s leading denim and khaki brands.

Shop our complete range of skinny jeans for men today to find a practical, stylish and versatile wardrobe staple you’re sure to wear for years to come.

The origins of men’s skinny fit jeans

While fashion trends come and go, skinny fit jeans have had a habit of sticking around in our wardrobes, effortlessly lending themselves to whatever the season’s latest look may be.

Surprisingly, the history of men’s skinny fit jeans can be tracked as far back as the ancestors of the denim jean: breeches. First popular in France (at the court of Louis XIII) and then later introduced to England and the rest of Europe, tight-fit breeches were popular among society’s upper class.

In more recent history, we saw the emergence of modern-day skinny fit jeans through pop icons of ’60s and ‘70s counterculture - perhaps most notably in the punk movement.

Nowadays, skinny men’s jeans aren’t associated with any particular identity or style. In fact, skinny fit jeans have taken over the wardrobes of everyone from sports stars to office workers, becoming a staple of contemporary casual and trendy styles.

Men’s skinny jeans from top brands

At Buy Jeans, we stock men’s skinny fit jeans from global denim brands that have already cemented their place in the fashion hall of fame and will only continue to stand the test of time.

We know that big-brand skinny fit jeans are in high demand, which is why we stock globally recognised names, including:

Big-brand jeans don’t have to mean high prices. In this range, you’ll find cheap skinny jeans for men from leading brands that don’t compromise on quality or style.

For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with men’s skinny stretch jeans like Diesel’s Sleenker range. Designed from Ultrasoft stretch fabric with a narrow leg from thigh to ankle, stretch skinny jeans are the ideal option to pull off an iconic look while remaining comfy day and night.

Wrangler’s Bryson skinny men’s jeans and Dockers Alpha Original skinny khakis also boast added stretch for ease of movement. This reliable comfort makes these options perfect for casual styles and elevating day-to-day outfits to eye-catching evening wear.

For an even snugger finish, look no further than Lee’s Malone men’s skinny fit jeans. With a regular rise waist, tight leg opening and narrow fit that clings close, the Malone fit represents the pinnacle of men’s skinny jean style for morning, noon and night.

Men’s skinny jeans in colours galore

From classic black skinny fit jeans to men’s skinny stretch jeans in blue, you’ll find a wide range of colours available in this range, including:

Quality products and service assured

At Buy Jeans, our mission is to bring you the best men’s skinny jeans at unbeatable prices and with unrivalled service.

That’s why free next day delivery is available on selected products for UK customers. So, you can order, put your feet up and step out in a brand new pair of skinny fit jeans the very next day!

If you’re unsure of what size you need for that perfect skinny fit, we recommend taking a look at our size charts. After a tailored fit? No problem - we offer a custom tailoring service on our men’s skinny jeans for as little as £10.

Browse our online range of skinny jeans for men and place your order today to find a stylish, practical and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

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