From Waist Overalls, to Denim, to Jeans - Part 1 of 6

Do you like your "waist overalls"? That's what Levi's were called in the early days.

Levi Strauss

However, if Levi Strauss had not left Germany in 1851, to escape anti-Semitism and join his brother in the family dry good business in New York; if the gold rush had not tempted him to set up another branch in San Francisco, where tent canvas was used for functional items, e.g. horse blankets, wagon covers, work trousers and of course, tents; last but not least, if Jacob Davies, a skilled tailor, had not visited the store to buy canvas to make working trousers and later Denim, where would today's "All American Fashion" be?

Of course it's not all American Fashion now. It has been reinterpreted by Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton and Dior, but to name a few.

Tent canvas was not strong enough for work wear, and that's where Denim came in.

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