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Levi's 502 and 514 Regular Fit Jeans

Such a versatile jean, the Levis 502 Regular Tapered Jeans are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe! Featuring a low slung look and subtle taper, these jeans are fashionable without the effort or fuss! Pair these with your favourite tee, jumper or hoodie for a dressed up or down vibe.

The Leviís 514 jeans are ideal for medium to athletic builds and are versatile and comfortable. Low on the waist, regular fit through the thigh and a straight leg. The perfect jeans, these Leviís 514 jeans are easy to wear and will quickly turn into your favourite jeans!

Since its introduction in 1873, Leviís have been synonymous with the word jeans. The Leviís brand stands out for the same three things it stood for 140 years ago, that is craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability. With that in mind, Leviís is a really remarkable brand. Itís unsurpassed craftsmanship, quality engineered denim and the devil in the detail all flow together to maintain Leviís iconic status.

If you mention the name Levi's Strauss to anyone you meet, Iím sure everyone would recognise it in relation to denim or jeans.

Founded in 1853, Levi's are considered to be the pioneers of denim jeans using rivets to reinforce the seams and make them more durable for farmhands and cowboys. Since then, youíll struggle to find a pair of jeans by any brand who donít use rivets and the same techniques as Levi's did all those years ago.

Going from strength to strength through the 20th Century, Levi's jeans became a fashion icon and were endorsed by celebrities such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Springsteen and more recently Barack Obama and Steve Jobs. Whatever the occasion, there is a pair of Levi's to suit everyone.

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