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Meet the Team


Becki - Retail Director

Becki has worked for Denim Nation since 2003, starting on the shop floor. She is now the Retail Director of the business and is key in overseeing the growth and development of the business.

"I love watching my kids take part in all of their various after school and uni activities. I enjoy all types of training, including spinning and circuits, but my favourite exercise of all is taking my two Sprockers out for their walks."


Becky - Warehouse Manager

Becky began her journey with Denim Nation all the way back in 2004 when she worked on the shop floor. She quickly progressed to assistant manager of our shop in the centre of Hereford but when an opening arose at the online side of the business she couldn't resist joining the hustle and bustle of busy office life! Becky has since been promoted to Warehouse Manager and manages all aspects of the warehouse and goods in/out side of the company.

"An indie-rock loving geek who has an endless supply of socks, watches and shoes - well just clothes in general!"


Lara - Director and Tailoring

Lara has taken a more active role in the company since the introduction of denim tailoring and bespoke leg lengths. She can be found generally under a pile of denim with a mouthful of pins and as long as the tea is flowing the machine will be running. Working in the sewing room under the trusty guidance of Mrs C (AKA mum), they work as a team to complete all your tailoring needs.

"I love entertaining my family of boys, walking our rescue dog, helping with the PTA, reading in the sunshine or when the house is quiet indulging in crafty pursuits to donate to charitable events."


Luke - Managing Director

Luke Conod is one of Herefordshire's most notable entrepreneurs. Luke founded Denim Nation with his parents in 2001 using his endless knowledge of the city and his skills running previous businesses. As ex-president and current member of Hereford Rotary, Luke has a wealth of connections and respect within the local business community. As well as keeping us all busy in the office, Luke has travelled around the world supporting charities. He always has a refreshing, new, innovative idea ready to release into the business world.

"I like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the business, whether it be a long walk with the dog, a few days away with my family and friends or a blast on the bike, or a few beers with friends!"


Mike - Warehouse Supervisor

Mike joined us in 2018 and has since started an apprenticeship with us. Whether hes in the warehouse, on the phone, or picking orders, Mike is an asset to Denim Nation!

"In my spare time I enjoy playing games, watching movies, or just a quiet walk with my dog."

Mrs C

Mrs C - Director and Company Secretary

Mrs C has been involved with the company since its inception, generally lurking in the backround. Since retiring from teaching her roles are varied, not only acting as Director and Company secretary, but also concealed, with Lara, behind the latest orders of denim in need of tailoring, or taking a plant home from the office when it needs intensive care. "Keep calm and carry on" is her aim, especially when Luke turns up and adds four boxes of denim to the three boxes already present, saying: "That'll keep you busy!"

"I enjoy time spent with my family, reading, researching family history and walking my dog, Murphy, who loves to run with his pal, Bono. I always have a crossword to hand for the odd spare moment or two."


Paul - Website Developer and IT Manager

Paul has designed, built and maintained all of Denim Nation's websites since we started selling online in 2001, as well as looking after all our computer equipment. He has been interested in computing since the early 80s and website design since the mid-90s. He lives and works in Cardiff, but visits us regularly for business and pleasure.

"When I'm not working with modern technology I enjoy playing around with vintage technology, especially vintage radios."


Samantha - Finance Manager

Sam joined us in 2014 and since then has dabbled with answering phones, posting and all-round office admin! Without her soft-spoken customer service and assistance in the Accounts Department our team would not be complete.

"In summer, you'll find me playing guitar and singing in a duo, at beer festivals and charity events. In winter, we're playing at open mics and pubs!"


Will - Assistant Dispatch Manager

Will joined the team in 2016 as an apprentice and quickly completed his Customer Services NVQ. He is now a fully-fledged member of the team and reached the final in two local awards for his Apprenticeship in 2017! Without Will and his seasonal themed fancy-dress, our office would be a much duller place to work!

"In my spare time I enjoy doing a variety of activities such as gaming and bowling."


Fergus - Trouble Maker!

Fergus is a rescue dog and has been a huge bouncy part of our family since he was 10 months old. Fergus loves people, other dogs and of course food. Even non edible items have been given some Fergus customisation within our house!

"Although I think I'm very intelligent and love walks, toys and playing with my humans, there are a few fears I have like having my nails cut or reflections in windows!"


Maggie - Seamstress' Cat

Maggie is a rescue cat, who when not in bed loves to be outside in the garden chasing butterflies, she likes going on walks with Fergus the dog and sometimes brings home clothes pegs from the neighbours garden!

"When I moved in I wasn't sure how I'd get on with a dog, but it's great he lets me cuddle up to him in bed when I'm cold and even shares his food with me. Sometimes i even get the bed to myself... all I have to do is stretch out my claws a bit!"


Shadow - Stress Relief!

Shadow is a rescue cat who has lived with our webmaster since he was 5 months old. When not sleeping, he is often found lying on the desk between the keyboard and screens, trying to push everything onto the floor! He is also known for trying to get onto his owner's lap at the most inconvenient times!

"I like trying to help my human with his work by tidying his desk, or laying on his lap when he is stressed, but he doesn't always seem to appreciate my efforts. He says I'm lazy and overweight so tries to reduce my food, but I keep pestering him until he gives in and gives me more. He knows who's in charge here!"

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