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Founded in 1853, the Levi's brand is considered to be the true pioneer of denim - famous for having introduced the use of rivets for jeans, to reinforce the seams and make them more durable for farm workers and cowboys.

Throughout its 140 years of production, the brand has set itself apart based on three key principles: craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability. Its unsurpassed craftsmanship, quality engineered denim and incredible attention to detail combine beautifully to maintain the iconic Leviís status.

Going from strength to strength through the 20th century, Levi's became more than practical workwear - being established as a coveted fashion item, too. Endorsed by celebrities such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Springsteen and, more recently, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs, Levi Straussís designs have become a wardrobe staple - providing denim wear thatís suitable for any occasion.

Leviís have since branched out beyond jeans into a stylish range of clothing for both men and women. From the iconic Leviís jean jacket to Leviís t-shirts, shoes and beyond, the timeless chic epitomised by stars of the stage is continued in Leviís range of clothes.

Putting together a whole evergreen outfit from this world-famous brand couldnít be easier, as pairing Leviís jackets with jeans can look super-sharp - of course, we donít think thereís anything wrong with double denim.

Itís not just denim jackets, either. We stock a wide range of Leviís hoodies, Leviís shirts and all the necessary Leviís accessories to complete the on-brand look.

Thanks to the brandís workwear heritage, everything this storied brand creates is built to last. Whatever you opt for, you can rest assured that itíll last a long time with the right care, meaning Leviís clothing is a timeless investment.

Browse our full range of Leviís products online today to find competitive prices and next day delivery on all UK orders.

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