Regular Fit, Zip Fly

Regular fit jeans for men with a classic zip fly - a winning combination of classic styling and modern convenience.

At Buy Jeans, we stock a wide range of comfortable, regular fit men’s jeans from a number of the world’s leading brands such as Levi and Wrangler. That’s what makes our range of men’s regular zip fly jeans your one-stop shop when searching online for that perfect pair.

Whatever your brand preference, you’ll find all of our regular fit jeans for men have a traditional leg cut that features classic 5-pocket styling, but with a zipper used in place of buttons.

This means you can pull off all those iconic denim looks but with the added practicality and convenience of a zip fly.

Zip jeans are fashioned in an exciting mix of shades and styles in line with modern trends, which is why you’ll also find a huge selection of colours and finishes in this range.

The origins of zip fly jeans

Men’s zipper jeans prove practicality doesn’t have to come at the cost of style.

The zipper itself took over 20 years of trials and tribulations to create in its current form, being first conceived as far back as 1891. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that denim brands began manufacturing zip front jeans - an effort originally intended to appeal to female customers.

With the undeniable convenience and functionality of zip fly jeans, it’s hardly surprising that we quickly saw zippers being added to regular fit jeans for men.

Naturally, the design of men’s regular jeans has been tweaked over the years to suit the changing needs and styles of denim wearers. But, on the whole, regular fit jeans have remained true to their roots thanks to their enduring style and reliability.

The result? An unrivalled combination of classic fashion and modern practicality.

Men’s regular jeans from big-name labels

At Buy Jeans, we stock market-leading regular fit jeans for men from world-famous fashion brands, including:

With a variety of iconic labels on offer, you’ll find an exciting range of cool styles within our regular fit, zip fly jeans range.

Regular fit jeans for men in colours galore

Whether you want stonewash, dark denim or black regular fit jeans, this range features a diverse range of shades so you can find the perfect men’s regular zip jeans for your wardrobe:

Quality products and service assured

At Buy Jeans, we’ve taken the time to find high-quality men’s regular fit jeans at great-value prices.

That’s not to mention our first-class customer service. We offer free next day delivery to UK customers on selected products, meaning your new regular zip fly jeans could land on your doorstep as soon as tomorrow.

Worried about finding that perfect size? No need to - our size charts provide accurate measurements so you can find that ideal fit. Or, if you’d prefer a tailored fit, our custom tailoring service starts from just £10.

Shop our wide range of regular fit jeans for men today to find stylish and practical zip fly jeans that are never off-trend.

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